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Plenty of wild weather to start the season

Its been an interesting first 5 weeks to the season... I believe I got the only great day... all to myself on opening day October 1st!
I hooked 21 fish.. landed 18! Broke my Sage  rod on the 14th fish of the day (thank you Sage Rods  for the incredible lifetime guarantees on your rods... means it gets replaced at just the cost of shipping the new section to me)... but kept going with just the bottom half of my rod to fish with. I landed 4 more after the rod broke.. a tad challenging to cast 30-40 feet with just the butt of a rod, but had an awesome day!

The weather has been rough.. plenty of rain, so the rivers have been up... and largely coloured.... so not very fishable.
This is great news if you haven't been here yet... it means the trout are still in a relatively unfished state of mind here in Canterbury.. and that makes for great fishing when the rivers run clear!

Do book your trip early... its a mouse year here.... so the fish will be big.. these are the days of once in a lifetime fish!

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