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Its Winter here in NZ now... so NOW is the time to book your trip for 2016/2017!

Its been a good season .... the fish were large and feisty!  The weather predictably unpredictable!
Now that winter is here its a great chance to reflect on what has been... and plan what is to come.
I did very little guiding this last season... my hip was giving me grief and upon investigation I learned it was totally  buggared and had to be replaced!
I'm not one to muck around, once the situation was clear I booked in and two weeks later had the replacement.
I am using Winter to rebuild my fitness and get  myself river fit come October 1st.
The fishing this last year saw some good fish.. a number of doubles. We also caught some salmon on the fly late  in the season... 
if I had one general comment or piece of feedback for visiting anglers it would be 'work on your cast before you get here!'

 Its simple... I can get you to where the fish are, and I can get you the shots... its up to you to be able to cast. Yes there is often wind... yes we use long leaders and need to be able to deal with that, or be Ok missing shots at great fish.

Angler pressure on our rivers is ever increasing, it is getting harder and harder to find un-fished 'low angler pressure' waters.
I remain ever grateful that where I guide has less pressure than most rivers... and that we can base ourselves in one place for 3-6 days and not waste/lose precious fishing time travelling to and from rivers where we have little to no control over angler pressure.

The best advise I can give is book your trip  for the upcoming season early.. book at least 3 days with me  if you can... that way you get a decent block of time on the river and will learn and understand more about what to do once you leave me.
Bring a mate... its more fun with a buddy and more cost effective to share the costs of your trip.
Ask me lots of questions by email and skype calls... lets be sure we manage your expectations well... you are coming a long way to fish.., lets get everything right for you!

I look forward to hearing from you.



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