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June 2018.
Winter fishing the canals.. I confess this wasn't something I thought I'd be in to!
However, once I gave it a go I have t say I'm hooked! BIG Rainbows and Browns abide in our canal systems. A simple 3 1/2 hour drive from Christchurch. The Complete Angler here in Chch run schools on the techniques for these monsters, you need the right gear and to know what to do.
Im heading south again soon to target more like this beauty!  I saw 7 fish caught over 20 pounds this day.. 3 of them over 30 pounds!

Dean with big trout

December 18th 2012.
The 2012/2013  season is well and truly rolling!! There is good fishing around the South Island systems... and the fish are in great condition on the whole.
We have had two guests stay in the loft, (our apartment accomodation here on our 16 acre property)  so the home river has only  been fished twice this season... (yes, only twice!... possibly one of the least pressured bits of river or stream anywhere around here!)
Remember we are the perfect place to start or finish your adventure here in NZ.. with airport pick ups and drop offs offered (subject to friendly flight times.. if its 3am, then sorry... its a taxi!) and a pointer or three on our local fisheries over a beer or coffee as time permits.

I had a day on a High country lake last week fishing for myself. (with  2 year old and 4 year old sons, this doesn't happen too often these days!) and got broken off by two huge fish.. one of around 8 pounds that was like a torpedo, and one of 14-16 pounds that was fatter than me!..I had it on for a good minute... it cleared the water twice before snapping me off as if I were nothing... on 8 pound tippet, I have to say I was surprised, and excited by the vigor, size and strength of both of these fish.......... if you like stalking wild lake fish... these two (and a few more that I didn't hook) are still there!

I only have 30 days guiding still available this year... but if I cant help out in person, I am happy to answer any questions, and give you any pointers that I can.
Drop me an email, and lets see how you can maximise your NZ South Island fishing trip.
Tight lines
Deano  2012


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