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Dean Harrison (Deano)

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"I've been fishing since I was a wee fella and I've learnt a thing or two along the way.

 I love fishing more than anything - I reckon it's a close call!"

I have lived most of my adult life in and around Christchurch. My 22 years as a 'resultant' (well, I like that word better than 'salesman'!!) in the radio advertising game has taught me a lot about people. I know how to get results in business, and how to help others uncover what it is they want. That led me to start my motivational and sales workshops and You'll find more bibliography about my alter ego on the tabs of that site if you surf it.

However, I have always had a passion for the outdoors and I have had the luxury of fishing in many places around the world: Vanuatu, Belize, Northern territories of Australia, Cape York, Fiji, Numea,Tahiti...and of course New Zealand. There has been scope for me to have been a professional (albeit part-time) fishing guide for many years as an enjoyable sideline. I jokingly see myself as a bit of a 'creative leisure connoisseur'.

I reckon I have the best of two worlds.. that of advertising account manager/resultant for Mediaworks here in Christchurch.. and  the absolute pleasure of being a member of the Professional Fly Fishing Guides Association, and to be a guide for trout angling.... as much as I can fit in around my two wee boys and radio career! Alongside this I continue to expand my sales training and lifeskill workshops around NZ and Australia.

I encourage you to take your time in my site.

There are tons of pointers and tips on fishing New Zealand in the pages you find here. The info is free...much of it is alongside images in the gallery section. Grab yourself a bevvy or a brew, and have a good look around. I look forward to hearing from you sometime - you are welcome ask any questions by emailing me; your fly fishing adventure can be as simple or as challenging as you want to make it...I cater for everyone...novice to advanced...and all tackle and gear can be supplied if requested.

I have to tell you - I 'LOVE' to fish, and I LOVE this beautiful country that I am so fortunate to live in.

My mission is to give you the best darn trip possible - fabulous fishing, stunning scenery, memories to last a lifetime...all creating a strong desire to come back and do it all again...with me! For the real "adventure hound" in remote locations, to a quiet evening fishing a lake for the evening rise. Individuals, families and special event excursions, tents or cabins. Walk up a river, or fish the lake edge from the shore or an inflatable, I'm happy doing what I do, and my job is to make it happen for you

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Fly Fishing Adventures
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